Our classes are lots of fun and great exercise but they can also be greatly beneficial to a wide range of physical, psychological and emotional problems.


I started training with Andy some months ago and since then have grown to love his Tai Chi classes. Andy teaches in a wonderfully relaxed style with a gentle humour and huge depth of knowledge. Andys’ classes are not just a keep fit class but more a community of students that work together to advance their understanding of this beautiful martial art. It’s not unusual for the class to go for a coffee after wards!

Andys’ classes are for everyone regardless of physical ability. Tai Chi is a personal thing and Andy is expert at adapting the movements to fit each persons’ needs. Students range from martial artists able to do full splits to people of advanced years with breathing problems and they all work together learning from Andy and each other. Beginners are treated with respect, kindness and encouragement.

I do have one word of warning for someone thinking of coming to a class. Seven Stars Tai Chi is not a 10 week evening class.  It’s a journey that could continue for the rest of your life as you discover more and more benefits to the different facets that Tai Chi has to offer. From Qi Gong breathing and meditation to graceful weapons forms there is something for everyone.  


J. F.
I have been delighted with the yoga classes. Having been diagnosed with hypertension in my mid-fifties I decided to try yoga and signed up for 5 weeks. That was over 6 years ago and it has altered my outlook on life both physically and mentally.  Your calm and encouraging teaching benefits all of us. I can honestly say that I feel healthier now than I did 10 years ago. Thank you.


B. D.
Seven Stars Tai Chi is an incredible  school run with dedication and thought to the structure of students of all ages and abilities.
Headed by Sifu Andy Cullen this is one of a select "real deal ' schools in the UK
Thank you for all your guidance and tuition over the Years


J. L. – Reflexologist

Seven stars yoga and tai chi has enabled me to forget about the problems and worries I have on an everyday basis for an hour a week.  It allows me to become more focused on today and less on tomorrow; keeping my stress and self expectation to a minimum. This has enhanced role as a mum, wife and friend for which I am massively grateful. 


V. P.
I have trained with Seven Stars Yoga for many years in London. It was a great experience and drastically improved my well being on a daily basis. I even trained to become an instructor and training under Andy Cullen is both a pleasure and a privilege. I feel blessed I had his teachings which stay with me to this day. There were also some great Yoga retreats in Spain and that was so much fun too. I am always recommending friends to train with Andy and his team.


A. M.
I have trained with Andy at Seven Stars Internal Arts since 1996. I started Tai Chi by accident, without any expectations (so I don’t think it’s placebo!). At the time, I was doing medical research, shy and bullied by my boss. I had collapsed arches since infancy, and more recently knee and back pain. At first, Tai Chi gave me an awareness and understanding of posture, and tools to correct it, which I carry on using in everyday life to this date. With (a bit of) hard work, I now have a perfect straight gait and no pain; all from doing fun, beautiful, flowing moves! But beyond the physical, my emotional well-being drastically improved. The two man work, and being allowed to teach in class increased my confidence, allowed me to rebuild my boundaries, based on inner strength and breath, softness and flexibility, rather than defensiveness. Hard lesson to learn. The best thing is that these principles, which we practiced physically in class, are completely transferable to everyday life. Without conscious mental effort, I started to transform the way I connected with people and myself. No more shy and bullied, I really think Andy’s Tai Chi teaching eventually made me a better manager, gave tools to live a calmer happier life. I eventually retrained as an acupuncturist, and I am passing on the teaching to my patients with mental health issues. They now comment how useful these tools are. So from my own perspective, Tai Chi with Andy has been a truly transformative experience on all levels. Time to say thank you!


J. P.  - Psychological Practitioner (NHS)
There is so much evidence out there to highlight the benefits yoga can have on health and wellbeing. I often recommend Yoga to my clients as a way to ease muscle tension, improve breathing technique and to encourage present-moment focus. For me, attending the classes has been a great way to switch off from the stresses of the day and to maintain a healthy posture after a week behind a desk.


M. V.
I started learning Tai Chi with Andy in 1997. Since the very first class I knew this was the kind of training I had been waiting for, and it was with great joy that I started a regular practice. I trained with Andy for more than 6 years, going through a truly transformative process. My body gained strength, flexibility, and the ability to move gracefully and powerfully. I learned how to become grounded and make good contact with the earth. Andy taught me how to develop body awareness and the capacity of focusing on the breath and the sensations. I could learn how to breathe properly and feel the life force, the chi, flowing through my body. I also learned how to sit in silence and observe my mind, starting a meditation practice that is still active today. The martial arts applications of Tai Chi gave me confidence and an understanding on how to resolve conflict without unnecessary force. I learned discipline and discovered the benefits of developing a daily practice. This practice helped me to become happier and healthier, able to enjoy life with increased vitality and optimism. It was also a heart opening process for the students, while training together we became good friends and had a great time going out after the class. I am inmensely grateful to Andy for his dedication to theteaching of this art, it was truly a blessing having the chance to be one of his students.


K. B.
"Tai Chi came into my life at a crucial time. A spinal injury was slowing taking over my drive and self confidence. After my surgery I believe that the classes and Andy's teachings played a large role in my full recovery, both physically and mentally. My consultant backed that by saying she hadn't seen someone recover and gain the posture and strength as quickly as I did. She said she would recommend Tai Chi to her future patients.   
Today I enjoy Tai Chi at a new level and couldn't imagine my life without it. As a Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist I almost weekly recommend Andy's Tai Chi and Yoga classes to my clients as the practices will undoubtedly help them with their flexibility, posture and self awareness."


T. B.
When I started classes at the Seven Stars Yoga & Tai Chi school I was on dialysis for chronic renal failure. I found the classes  gave me some much needed inner peace and the strength to cope with my health problems both physically and mentally.
As a retired nurse I am well aware that conventional medicine is only part of a patients recovery and reducing stress levels and encouraging a positive attitude is also extremely important. After my kidney transplant it has helped, amongst other things, to improve my level of fitness, my sense of well being and has  aided in boosting my immune system.
On a more general note at the age of 66 I find it helps with my balance which will hopefully reduce the risk of falls as I age, it keeps my mind and body active and the social interaction with my fellow students plays an important part in my mental well being.
In conclusion I am convinced that tai chi & yoga has made a positive impact on my life but perhaps most importantly it is very enjoyable & great fun!


G. D.
I started doing yoga with Andy in April 2013. I was advised by my doctor to find a local yoga group as I have been diagnosed with chronic stress and all though on medication for this she felt a form of meditation would help me to switch off. Since attending Andy’s classes my stress levels have improved a great deal. Friends, family and work colleagues have all commented and I believe myself without the help of Andy and his classes my stress would have been out of control. From my 1st class I was made to feel at ease and was confident enough to go alone (something I never would of done b4) I have now made an extra group of friends and I look forward to attending every week.
Andy feel free to use from this what you want.... Thank you yoga has helped improve my life 100%


R. H.
I attended the Seven Stars yoga and tai chi classes for over three years during which time I was able to learn how to stretch and keep flexible, skills I still practice on my own and which have contributed to maintaining a healthy and relatively pain free lower back. before I started practising yoga I was suffering periods of intense pain and at times couldn't walk easily. While I still suffer some discomfort the techniques I have learnt from Seven Star classes help me keep active and mobile. In addition I have been diagnosed as ADHD and I find that the meditation techniques taught by Seven Stars along with the tai chi practices have taught me to relax and focus my attention in ways I never dreamt possible. Not only have I now come off my medication but I am practising these techniques on a daily basis. I am currently living in China but when I return I hope to rejoin the school and learn more tai chi and yoga.


J. B.
After some fairly major disasters in my personal life a few years ago, it became time to improve life again and try something I'd wanted to do for a while, so I looked for a local yoga class to join.
It was great to hear a friendly voice on the phone and hear that anyone of any level of fitness could join and beginners were always especially welcome, so I gave it a go and can honestly say it’s the best thing I've done.
I started to feel physically better from the beginning, discovering I could do more than I thought and improved quickly with regular practice. I've become physically stronger and fitter, learnt about calming the mind to help with stress, and to be more positive. The social life is great too and through the regular events organised, I've met some wonderful people and made some friends for life.
The instructors are fantastic and very welcoming - it's amazing to never stop learning and improving and it's great that I can now help beginners too.
These classes are a major positive in my life and have been invaluable in improving my mental and physical well being. They saved me from a trip to the doctors for anti depressants and I can't recommend them highly enough.


L. R.
I started yoga two and a half years ago because I was suffering from lower back pain. I went to my doctor and he gave me some stretches to do to ease the pain. My friend told me that these stretches were involved in yoga so I thought that I would give it a go. I also have a stressful job as a teacher so I thought that it might help me to relax. My back pain has improved considerably since I started yoga and I feel healthier and have more energy. It helps me to switch off from work and to meet new people. The quality of the teaching is excellent and the atmosphere is safe and supportive. I really enjoy the classes and feel that it is extremely beneficial to my mental and physical well-being. I would highly recommend to the classes to anyone.


S. F.
I have found every class enjoyable and beneficial. It was amazing to start as a new anonymous student and I am so grateful to train as an instructor. I hope when I teach students can also find their own strength and peace through relaxation as I learnt at Seven Stars. It has been great seeing other students develop through their practice of yoga and tai chi, make new friends and learn techniques that are helpful for finding calmness among everyday stressful situations.
Including yoga practice as part of my daily routine was incredibly helpful for overcoming a dependence on anti depression and sleeping medication. By being willing to learn and practice continuously without expectations has helped me live more freely and comfortably within myself. 


M. M.
I had the privilege of being taught by Andy Cullen at the tender age of seventeen, I was young and impressionable and despite being of East Asian descent, there was much to be learnt from this master. A combination of Andy's deep felt spirituality, down to earth humble honesty and his sheer skill in communicating and presenting the innate power within all of us to open our minds to something more deep, more fundamental and altogether more engaging than the material world we subsist in, left a lasting impression that is simply unforgettable. I will never forget how fortunate I was to be able to learn the triple burner, to be able to 'shut off the chattering monkey' and to simply live to appreciate my mind and being at 'one'. Of course, this was some time ago now and my being in my mid thirties and having left the life benefits of such a powerful movement as tai-chi c'huan leaves much to be desired for. I have recently been in touch with Andy in search of more classes in East London since my soul of late, cries out for tai chi.,,,,,


J. B.
Seven Stars Yoga and Tai Chi School is an amazing place to learn not only about Yoga and Tai Chi but also about yourself.
I suffer from depression and both classes are very helpful to me.
Also I have no left hand, not that that matters, Andy (teacher) is always there if you need help.


M. C.
I have been doing tai chi now for more than a year and my health and well being has improved immensely.I had arthritis in my hands,knees and shoulders.Although it still remains it is less painful and my mobility is much improved.I also was stressed a lot of times but the breathing exercises I have learnt has almost rid me of stress and taught me to control it.
I would recommend tai-chi to anyone and believe it should be recognised as beneficial to everyone. I am 65 years of age


G. V.
I took Tai Chi lessons in 2010 a couple of months after having a Hip Operation and for over a year I continued and gained alot of benefit from the experience both mentally and physically. I am sure it helped me recover quicker than otherwise post op and found that my balance and co-ordination was much better from the exercises. It helped me be positive and relaxed as well as taking my mind off the everyday problems that everyone has to deal with. I think these courses would really be a fantastic method of helping people get back to good health quicker after dealing with an operation as it did with me.


J. R.
The NHS states that "Whatever your age, there's strong scientific evidence that being physically active can help you lead a healthier and even happier life".
The problem is that people need to do the exercise and stick with it for it to work, of course.
I had that problem myself, never finding the time to use the free weights I had because I found it boring.
I solved that problem by going to Seven Stars Yoga, which provides me with an exercise that I truly enjoy and thus actually practice regularly and frequently.
It also has a social side benefit in that the relaxed ambiance of the classes and the wide variety of backgrounds of the attendants means that I get to meet people that I wouldn't have met otherwise, and developed friendships from it.


P, N.
I've been attending classes at the Seven Stars Yoga and Tai Chi school for just over 3 years. For me, the meditative techniques taught by the school have been useful in dealing with work related stress.The practice of Tai Chi has helped me improve my balance and through Yoga I've noticed my flexibility, strength and stamina improving.


P. C. - Chiropodist
Tai chi and yoga has helped promote my health to a better place; in particular my balance and mobility.  I recommend tai chi to everyone as is beneficial both physically and mentally! 



I have found practicing Seven Stars Tai Chi so profoundly beneficial to me. 
When I was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer I felt very lost and worried. Attending Andy's classes I found practicing Tai Chi so helpful, not only to feel healthy externally but also internally.  It allows me to relax my mind from daily negative thoughts and worries about my diagnosis through doing chi Kung meditation and the yang style tai chi form. It's difficult to explain in words how practicing this ancient art makes me feel internally, only that I know it's dramatically improved my physical, mental health and well being and that studying tai chi can help many others too no matter what ability or age. 
Andy's method of teaching you is really easy to grasp and explained in such amazing detail and always makes sure you understand and are happy with the moves you are practicing. He makes all of his students feel very welcomed. There are regular seminars that happen once every month or two for those wishing to understand in greater depth certain aspects of the form, and social events that take place whether it be getting together for a night out or a mid afternoon cup of coffee. Also there are other fantastic teachers ( Mark (Wak), Julie, Trish ) in the classes that are always happy to help in your training too. 
I cannot recommend Seven Stars Tai Chi enough!


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