Seven Stars was founded in the 1990’s by Andy Cullen. Since the beginning the aim of the school has been solely focused on supporting and developing the students and building an inclusive community.


Having trained under renowned Kung Fu and Tai Chi masters who were the heads of famous schools, Andy encountered different teaching styles. While the quality of skill and knowledge was impressive, some of these teachers could be indifferent or uncaring to their students.


Andy’s last teacher was different, he taught his students with genuine care, sincerity and compassion. It was this teacher that inspired Andy to run his own school, and it is his ethics that we try to live up to.


We care about our students more than anything, and we understand that everybody is different, with different needs, abilities and goals. There is a place for everyone.


If you want authentic, traditional instruction from a truly inspirational teacher, this is the place to come. Andy Cullen has been training and teaching Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong and Kung Fu for 40 years.

He is the owner of Seven Stars Internal Arts, providing classes in London, Spain and Portsmouth since the early 90's


Andy is one of the most qualified teachers you could find, having taught over 20,000 classes, qualified dozens of instructors in the UK and Europe, and producing hundreds of videos.


Andy is a 'Sifu' in Tai Chi, a black belt in Kung Fu since 1987 the creator of 'Seven Stars Yoga', which uses traditional Qi Gong influences to enhance traditional Yoga asanas, and also teaches dozens of traditional Qi Gong exercises, some of them very rare examples you won't find anywhere else.




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