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Our classes reopen from May 17th 2021

new beginners can join any class at any time using our beginners offer of just £25 for the first 5 classes or just pay £8 for a single class

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How much do the classes cost?

Tai Chi Classes

Beginner’s Tai Chi classes

Join our Tai Chi classes and discover one of the most interesting and fascinating ways of keeping yourself healthy. 

Beginners Tai Chi courses


Tai Chi Classes



Yoga Classes

Beginner’s Yoga classes

Explore the ancient style of Qi Gong Yoga and discover the true origins of the art

Yoga Classes

QiGong classes

Qi Gong  

We teach many classical Qi Gong routines and exercises including Wild goose, 8 pieces of Brocade, Muscle Tendon Changing and many more

Qigong classes

Free videos on our YouTube channel

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Yoga DVD
17.99 GBP

Our DVD features over 20 postures demonstrated in varying levels of difficulty providing a 30 minute workout for you to learn, practice and enjoy every day.
Made by us for you to practice at home.
Price includes shipping to UK only

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Spring outdoor classes

Cockleshell Sports Club

Cockleshell Gardens PO4 9SA

Classes in Southsea near Fratton Station

The Priory Community Sports Centre Fawcett Road PO4 0DL

Located at the top of Fawcett Road next to Priory School near Fratton Station.

Beginners QiGong Yoga Classes

Beginners Tai Chi Classes

Classes in Milton

St James' Church Hall Milton Park Avenue Milton PO4 8PG

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