Tai Chi applications seminar Sunday April 29th 1-3pm £20 Priory School lower gym

Beginners and experienced students will be able to gain a basic understanding of the hidden applications and internal movements within the first section of the Tai Chi form. We will explain how to express your Chi and visualise martial movements which will help to bring your Tai Chi to life and improve your practise of the form immensely.

For an extra five pounds you can also attend 3-4pm as the seminar moves on to applications in the second section.



Classes in Southsea near Fratton Station

The Priory Community Sports Centre Fawcett Road PO4 0DL

Located at the top of Fawcett Road next to Priory School near Fratton Station.

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Trinity Church Albert Road Southsea PO4 0LX on the corner of Francis Avenue

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St James' Church Hall Milton Park Avenue Milton PO4 8PG

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Canoe lake Leisure Pavilion (next to the Rose Garden) St Helens Parade PO4 9RG

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