White Crane QiGong seminar Sunday March 29th Priory School 1-3pm £20

British Summer Time begins on March 29th so change your clocks!

For the first time we will teach all 3 parts of the ancient White Crane QiGong exercise system.

Gentle but invigorating, the movements in this standing set teach you how to coil and drill the movements of the arms from the centre of the body to enliven Chi from the bone marrow to the skin, it makes you feel lovely and anyone of any ability can do it!

There’s no need to be a member or have any experience. No need to book either, just come and pay on the day.



Classes in Southsea near Fratton Station

The Priory Community Sports Centre Fawcett Road PO4 0DL

Located at the top of Fawcett Road next to Priory School near Fratton Station.


Classes in Milton

St James' Church Hall Milton Park Avenue Milton PO4 8PG


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