10 week Yoga beginners courses


Seven Stars Yoga draws its influences from both Indian and Chinese health practices. It is an effective physical exercise that goes beyond the mere development of muscles and flexibility. Our students learn to control their emotions and improve mental clarity while exercising which reduces stress and enables the individual to change the way they percieve the world around them.


The health benefits of practising Yoga are well documented and include; stress management, relief from depression and anxiety, relief from the symptoms of arthritis, high blood pressure, parkinsons disease, cancer and heart disease. It also offers coping mechanisms that have proven effective with battling addiction and helps isolated individuals to integrate within the community.


In our one hour Yoga classes we teach 50 different postures which we practise in a set pattern proven to safely exercise and strengthen the body in a very systematic way. We split the class into 2 sessions with just a few minutes light meditation and then group practise halfway through.


If you join one of our 10 week beginners courses we will teach the key postures starting at week one and guide you through the pattern till you finish at week ten with a good understanding of the basics.


You will find most of your questions answered by clicking this link Frequently asked questions about Yoga but the best way of finding out is to join in, and our 10 week beginners courses are the perfect way to start!


Our next 10 week courses start on the following dates     

10 week beginners course starting Thursday 3rd January 2019 11-12am                                                       Thursday Morning Class 11-12am Canoe Lake Leisure (next to the Rose Gardens) St Helens Parade PO4 9RG                                                                                                   

10 week beginners course starting Monday 7th January 2019 6-7pm                                                                      The Priory Community Sports Centre Fawcett Road PO4 0DL                                                                                  £45 payable at the first class cash or cheque   


Classes in Southsea near Fratton Station

The Priory Community Sports Centre Fawcett Road PO4 0DL

Located at the top of Fawcett Road next to Priory School near Fratton Station.

Beginners Yoga Classes

Beginners Tai Chi Classes


Classes on Albert Road Southsea

Trinity Church Albert Road Southsea PO4 0LX on the corner of Francis Avenue

Beginners Tai Chi Classes


Classes in Milton

St James' Church Hall Milton Park Avenue Milton PO4 8PG

Beginners Tai Chi Classes


Classes at Canoe Lake

Canoe lake Leisure Pavilion (next to the Rose Garden) St Helens Parade PO4 9RG

Beginners Tai Chi Classes

Beginners Yoga Classes


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