Our Qualified Instructors

Chief Instructor

Sifu Andy Cullen

Tai Chi Instructors

James Hoxley

Anne-Sophie Morel

Mark Fletcher

Manuel Villaescusa

Peter Mundee

Dacre Trevor-Roper

Gwilym Davis

Mike Patto

Roy Hanney

Nina Alexander

Bryan Gigg

Mark Westlake

Trish Byng

Angela Clouting-Wainwright

Yoga Instructors

James Hoxley

Elizabeth Kerry

Vinny Piana

Lucy Kirkland

Marina Wright

Julien Rousseau

Nina Alexander

Robert Knox

Julie Berry

Ella Flanagan

Instructor Training


Mondays 11am-1pm

Tursdays 9am-11am

Fridays   2pm-4pm

Sundays 1-2.30 (every 2 weeks)


Classes in Southsea near Fratton Station

The Priory Community Sports Centre Fawcett Road PO4 0DL

Located at the top of Fawcett Road next to Priory School near Fratton Station.

Beginners Yoga Classes

Beginners Tai Chi Classes


Classes on Albert Road Southsea

Please note this class will close at the end of march 2018

The Portsmouth Yoga Studio is located 153-155 Albert Road Southsea PO4 0JW

Beginners Yoga Classes


Trinity Church is on Albert Road Southsea PO4 0LX on the corner of Francis Avenue

Beginners Tai Chi Classes


Classes in Milton

St James' Church Hall Milton Park Avenue Milton PO4 8PG

Beginners Tai Chi Classes


Classes at Canoe Lake

Canoe lake Leisure Pavillion (next to the Rose Garden) St Helens Parade PO4 9RG

Beginners Tai Chi Classes

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